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Anthem Players Upset At Bioware For Removing Content In New Patch3 min read
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Anthem is still in the spotlight, in the worst way possible. As a looter shooter, the game is extremely lacking in loot, and content. At this point in time, we have no idea what Bioware has planned for Anthem. The roadmap has been delayed, so any new content players expected may come late, or not at all.

Players upset with Anthem as a looter

One of the biggest problems with Anthem, is the end game. There’s practically nothing to do once you complete the short campaign besides running the same strongholds over and over. The loot is there (if you don’t already have it), but it comes at a staggering slow pace. Playing the game for hours on end, completing the missions you’ve done many times before guarantees next to nothing. The occasional common items, materials, and the slim chance of getting any Legendary or Masterwork loot, no matter the difficulty.

With that being said, content is at an all time low, and players are starting to ditch the game. By the day, Anthem is seeing a steady decrease in player base. Many players have even reported that matchmaking times are getting longer, causing further frustration.

Anthem loot

Anthem news: Patch 1.1.1

Bioware’s new patch for Anthem only added more fuel to the fire. With the game’s latest patch, very minor fixes were done in the game, which fans were also upset about. Being that the game is still not seeing the major fixes it needs to survive.

The biggest issue with fans however, is the fact that Elysian Caches were taken out of the game. These caches were one of the sole reasons fans continued to play the game, as it did offer something in regard to loot. Removing them leaves next to nothing in loot besides the loot everyone at end game likely already has in storage, fans did not take kindly to the news.

One redditor pointed out the fact that Bioware is constantly late on everything involving fixing the game, but the one time content needs to be removed, Bioware was on top of it, on the exact date and time.

Bioware’s response to fan backlash with removal of Elysian Caches:

“They’ve always been planned as a temporary thing since there was a timer under the challenges. There is a chance that they’ll come back again at some point”.

Now players have nothing left to do in the game, and as the game has had its roadmap delayed, no one is sure when new content will be added to the game.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Anthem’s official reddit is seeing a drop in subscribers, with the possibility of them to leave the game as a whole

Anthem News

How can Bioware fix Anthem?

I really can’t fathom how difficult it could be to fix the game. The first step Bioware should take is listening to the fans that play the game before they all leave. How can anyone play a looter shooter if there is no loot?

Before the launch of Anthem, we were all told how much loot would be available and how much we could customize our Javelins, only to find that the best loot were stuck behind high paywalls.

To keep the immediate fans of the game happy, Anthem needs to see lots more free loot, and more colors/textures with said loot. This small addition would keep players busy would give Bioware time to bring in more content.

Bioware then needs to address the core issues of the game and catch up on the roadmap they had planned, but even if they somehow work things out, I do not see many people sticking around long enough to see the finished product. Almost 3 months after the Anthem’s release, and nothing can truly save it. This is exactly why you should not release an unfinished game.

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