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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 – First Impressions5 min read
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The beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 kicked off with a bang, we’ve had plenty of time to run madly through the streets of Washington, cleaning out the hooligans along the way. We’ve also had some time to explore a bit of the Dark Zone and see a little PVP action, as well as the end-game invaded missions.

If you still have yet to download the beta you have one more day (ends March 4th) to play it until release day. For those of you who haven’t played, here are some things you should know, along with some first impressions of the game.

The Good

Starting off on the good end of the spectrum, The Division 2 is naturally a beautiful game as we expected, the new setting of Washington D.C. has so much to offer in terms of color, and sheer openness. There are a number of different areas you’ll find yourself in, having to constantly change your tactics.

One minute you’ll be in the middle of an open park, then the next you’ll be in between cluttered buildings, not really being able to use that fancy sniper you just picked up.

the division 2

Once starting up the beta, you get a chance to select a randomly generated character, this of course took me about thirty minutes, gambling on if I could get a character that looked somewhat cool. I suppose this is a good feature, while we did not have access to the creator tool, it seems as though the character creation will allow for more creativity than the first game.

The stories you find around the world from cell phones or through the number of echoes around the city still hold their interest, the holograms have improved and they still hold on to captivating stories that’ll make you want to find them all just to get a little more lore from the game.

Another prominent thing in The Division 2, is that the bosses have become much easier to defeat, you no longer have to dump massive amounts of ammo into a boss to get their shield and health down. To do so, simply target the correct area to get them to stagger and break their shield, then you’ll have access to their main health, which will drop with ease.

Co-op also holds its fun when hopping into the game, getting into the game with some friends really makes the experience a lot easier than if you were going solo. While solo, enemies can sometimes get the best of you, especially when you’re trying to take control of an area alone.

The weapons and gear you collect finally seem as though they have some effect when it comes to their level. Progression in this game feels like actual progression, and not just numbers that you see going up in your stats. The numbers this time around shows a difference, which allows you to build your character the way you want it.

the division 2 gameplay

From my experience, the Dark Zone has finally been balanced, the PVP mode works quite well, and focuses a lot more on team work than anything else. It’ll be much more difficult for solo players to trek the Dark Zones, as you’ll definitely come across people playing in a group. If playing solo, you’d be lucky enough to down even one agent on an enemy team.

The Bad

Getting into the more odd side of things, the one thing I found myself hating the most about the game, is how fast the enemies react to gunfire. I like to approach enemies with a bit of stealth, however, when I plan to take out one person, to fire things off, the moment I hit them with a single bullet, they immediately dart and go into hiding. It’s frustrating because there is no stun, or stagger, when sneaking up and shooting an unsuspecting enemy.

This happens a lot in the game, unless you have a shotgun, which you’ll literally never be able to get that close using stealth, or a high-caliber sniper rifle, you usually can’t expect to down an enemy to gain the edge you want.

We have not had much access when it comes to clothing, and this point here will be more nit picky and a personal preference than anything. In The Division, New York was always cold, so it allowed agents to gather really cool jackets and winter wear, which are the best clothes of all the other seasons. In the Washington setting, it’s fairly warm, so I worry that the clothing options won’t be as cool as it was when you found a really nice looking parka jacket back in New York, but time will tell.

tom clancy's the division 2

While the setting holds its beauty, I am left wondering whether The Division 2 will be a world that differs from the first game. The game still feels like there is not much to do in it except from shooting enemies and finding loot. From what I’ve played, I still feel like the world could have more to it than just the aesthetics of being littered with that apocalypse touch.

One thing I have always despised in video games, is when enemy characters run up to while you’re behind cover. You get that a lot in The Division 2. Enemy grenade spam is also a thing now, often times you’ll find an enemy having a number of those mini car bombs, forcing you to run out in the open, or losing half your health to the explosion.

Until Release

The Division 2 releases in a couple of weeks, while there are not many game-breaking issues, there are a few nit picky things here and there, and a few factors that will determine whether players will come back to the game. What do you think about the game so far? Love it or hate it, let us know!

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